Saga University 2017


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This was a short three week program at Saga University in Japan. Although it was a short period of time we still learnt a lot and made many unforgettable memories. The first day involved meeting all of the group members. As everyone came from different backgrounds and spoke different languages, it was very interesting for our first few conversations.

For the three weeks we explored the surrounding areas including Saga Castle and Saga Shrine, traveled to Ogi and Ureshino, took Ofuro (a special type of Japanese bath), joined a Japanese tea ceremony and traditional Yosakoi dance, and of course we attended Saga University for some study.

We became friends with our Japanese partners and other university students. At the farewell party, we did not want out trip to end, so we organised to meet each other either in Australia or Japan. This trip was so special as it was definitely a once in a life time experience.


–  Hsin-Lun Chan

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SUAP 2017

Just recently I have spent an incredible 3 weeks in Japan as part of the Saga University Autumn Program 2017. Saga is a quieter area of Japan, located near the countryside, which allowed me to experience a different side of Japan.

Aussie SUAP 2017 participants.

Joined by four other UTS students we participated in many aspects of traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, yosakoi and nishikiori. We also got to explore nearby shrines and castles.

I was fortunate enough to participate in a one-night homestay experience with a lovely family of 7. Initially it was difficult to communicate, however this enabled me to truly practice my Japanese speaking and listening ability and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

My greatest take away from this experience would be the friendships I made in this program, both with the Japanese students and the other Australian participants. I have formed relationships not only on the basis of friendship but also with the intention of improving our language skills.

Me and my Japanese buddy!

I would highly recommend anyone to get involved with this program as you can learn a lot about traditional Japan and form lasting relationships.

Jessa Mae Balayboa

Saga University Autumn Program

From the 20th of November to the 7th of December, I was given the opportunity to partake in a three-week overseas study program at Japan’s Saga University, courtesy of UTS BUILD. Despite its beautiful architecture and scenery, it is true that the area that the program was held at was quite rural which limited its recreational potential. However, I have attained something far more in this trip, and that is life-long relationships. I have ‘built’ friendships and created memories with the amazing people that I have been blessed to meet in this program, and I cannot wait to visit again.

John Magno

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Saga University Summer Program 2016



I never expected to fall in love with traveling so easily! This study trip to the countryside of Japan offered not only valuable knowledge that i can use in my study as well as future career, but also unforgettable memories and experiences with strangers who i can now proudly call friends.


Saga University Summer Program (SUSP 2016), or Creating Innovation for Sustainability in Young Leaders was a short term study program that helped a group of students from various countries understand about a diverse range of contemporary issues. The aim was to develop our leadership skills in tackling sustainability challenges, locally and internationally.


We started most days with a Japanese language class in the morning. Even though the content was simple and basic due to the limited amount of time, it was enough for us to appreciate some of the intricacies and beauty of Japanese language. Thanks to the classes, our daily lives during the trip were much more convenient, and we also got a good glimpse into the Japanese mindset.


In the afternoons were excursions to many places, such as Saga historical tour, Institute of Ocean Energy (IOE), Arita Ceramic Museum… We learned so much about Saga and Japanese culture, energy, environment, and technologies through these very hands on case studies. To preserve these heritages, sustain current ways of life and develop solutions for current and future issues, a basic level of understanding of what we have built and achieved is the start. In this regard, the excursions enlightened me and made me become appreciative of what we have accomplished, as well as my responsibilities as the young generation. One particular example was IOE’s innovation on using temperature differences in the ocean to generate energy, which truly impressed me and is something that i would love to work on in the future.


The learning experience was much more beyond what was planned in the program. We had a lot of time outside the schedule to freely explore, and to try living like the locals. Plans and ideas that us as a group came up allowed us to try amazing cuisines, visit unique locations, and experience lively local events (such as the biggest firework show i have ever seen!). As usual the unexpected also joined in the fun, as we stumbled across a wonderful Sake shop while getting lost in the city at night! More than just being insightful regarding the Japanese way of life, these experiences to us were incredibly exhilarating and brilliant.


Often, the people you meet matter even more than what you do or see on a trip. Except one unfortunate misunderstanding incident (taken as another learning experience), the local people we met were brilliantly welcoming and friendly. They were accommodating and patient despite our apparent culture gap and language barrier, especially considering a culture so unique such as Japan’s. Finally last but not least, the students from Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and Vietnam who came together to make a big melting pot of culture. Different backgrounds, different personalities, but somehow we just meshed so well together. We could learn from each other, share our different perspectives, thanks to which every moment was so much more rich and memorable. If i could travel to anywhere in the world with the same people again, it would always be worth it given all the joy and fun we had!


All the doubts i had before the trip were completely blown away, now replaced with new knowledge and mentality. These experiences have ignited me, as I’m eager to go out there again to challenge myself in a new environment. Returning to the beautiful far east country and seeing the friends i have made again are no doubt high on the priority list though!


Jaa, mata!

Nghiem Xuan Hieu