Summer 2018-2019 BUILD Abroad Photo Competition Highlights

Over summer we sent 595 students on short term experiences around the world.

We ran a photo competition for these students to showcase how these opportunities impacted their summer break.

The winner of this competition has been voted by UTS International and has won a Hero5 Black Edition GoPro.

Below are some of our favourite entries, followed by our top 6 photos!

Our Runners Up

Georgina Scott – United States

“Extremely thankful for the opportunity to live and work in NYC. It’s truly incredible what you can accomplish when you step outside of your comfort zone. Feeling inspired to continue seeing the world, pushing my limits and meeting new people”

Annemarie Gad – Indonesia

“Ambon has shed light on creating change; it was a unique and practical experience making me feel like ‘I could actually make a difference’. I have learnt that it is within these complex problems that I can find a hidden gem which could be amplified to allow for a shift in a positive direction. I’m inspired to continue to find these hidden gems (like this beautiful spot found on the island)”

Chelsea Hetherington – Fiji

“My @utsbuild experience in Fiji will live in my memory forever, just like this sunset… colourful, calming, and truly magical”

Vivian Cheung – Shanghai

“The UTS BUILD Program has shaped who I am now in many different ways. By putting myself outside of my comfort zone, not only has it taught me to be patient and resilient, it has also changed my view on the world.
Growing up as an Asian Australian, going to Shanghai has allowed me to delve deeper into the Chinese culture and gain a proper understanding of my heritage. This experience has opened my eyes to a world of endless opportunities, and has made me want to further appreciate the beauty of other cultures. It has helped me grow as a person, by showing me that I can be brave enough to take a chance on the world. I too can have the power to achieve great things, be bold, fearless and strive to become a global leader.”

Jackson Elliott – Indonesia

“Would never in my wildest dreams expected to have spent 2 weeks of my summer on the small island of Ambon, Indonesia (to be honest I didn’t even know the place existed!) I went in unsure of what to expect, and man, it was beyond what I could have dreamed. Beautiful people, stunning landscapes, a gorgeous culture, and not to mention that this was completing one of my electives! I discovered how design can act as a universal language, good design can be translated to anyone. This trip and the design work I did has inspired me to look further into using my practice to make changes worldwide. Obviously this couldn’t have been achieved without @utsbuild and @newcolomboplan , so a massive thanks to them for allowing me to participate in handsdown the best thing I’ve done across 2 years of University. Everyday on that beautiful island was truely inspiring, and helped me understand how damn lucky we have it in Australia!”

And our winner is….

Diana-Ngoc Vo – Hong Kong

“After deciding not to study a semester abroad, this trip to Hong Kong was my ‘mini exchange’ that I would forever cherish. It was a step out of my comfort zone but one I have immensely grown in as a designer. A mini advice for those who are thinking of going and even for those who’s never considered it. Take that leap of faith! Jump into the unknown and explore this beautiful world, because it has so much to offer. Creativity is all around you! Be bold.”


Congratulations to Diana and all of our featured BUILD Abroaders. We hope that you have all enjoyed your summer experiences!

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