Summer in Japan

Going to Tokyo, Japan this summer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. No warning could have prepared me enough for the for the humid and muggy heat, but the exploration of the experience that I was able to do independently gave me some new insight and perspective.

During my three weeks in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to visit the countryside with my Japanese friends to see the sunflower blooms, visit the cute, themed cafe’s that are popular in Harajuku, Tokyo. I also had an incredible time during the Meiji University Summer Program. During the two weeks studying, I was able to meet many people from all over the world, where we had many differences in culture but all shared the commonality of studying Japanese Language. We learnt a lot during our classes but also had fun while studying (WHAAAT?!) A highlight would have to be the kimono dressing experience. I would recommend this program for anyone who is studying Japanese at UTS. Now I feel prepared to take on my one year In Country Study for 2019.

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