Paris – City of Love


I spent two weeks in Paris studying Luxury Brand Management at the Paris School of Business.  The weather is absolutely wonderful over there, summer in Paris is so different compared to Sydney.  The sunsets don’t come until 10 pm, with night time being quite short. The summer weather was so comfortable at 27 degrees.

We went on many after school excursions as a group, visiting places including the Montparnasse building which shows 360 degree views of Paris. There was also so much food to taste which definitely added to the experience.

The study period was very short and quite fun. I can’t speak any French myself, however,  all the classes are taught in English so there wasn’t a real language barrier. It was a great experience if you are willing to get to know new cities and their culture.



Champs Elysees
well known for its theatres, cafés, and luxury shops 



Petit Palais: art gallery of sytle éclectique ou beaux arts


a collection of streetshots




Photo credit @ yanmartea

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