Saga University 2017


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This was a short three week program at Saga University in Japan. Although it was a short period of time we still learnt a lot and made many unforgettable memories. The first day involved meeting all of the group members. As everyone came from different backgrounds and spoke different languages, it was very interesting for our first few conversations.

For the three weeks we explored the surrounding areas including Saga Castle and Saga Shrine, traveled to Ogi and Ureshino, took Ofuro (a special type of Japanese bath), joined a Japanese tea ceremony and traditional Yosakoi dance, and of course we attended Saga University for some study.

We became friends with our Japanese partners and other university students. At the farewell party, we did not want out trip to end, so we organised to meet each other either in Australia or Japan. This trip was so special as it was definitely a once in a life time experience.


–  Hsin-Lun Chan

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