Singapore Heritage Adventure

Over the summer break of 2017, I decided to go on an adventure in Singapore for one of my core subject. In this trip, I have explored Singapore heritage through Chinatown, Little India as well as Kampong Glam. These areas are fascinating, beautiful and it is amazing to learn their heritage and their architectures are breath-taking.



We walked through Chinatown and explored their temple and heritage centre. The design of the temple has shown the Chinese Identity and you can see a lot of people worshipping the Chinese gods such as Buddha. Taking a walk to the heritage centre, in here, we learned a lot of the traditional career choices and lifestyles including their home interior designs and backgrounds. Also through one of the computer, you can find your last name’s origin however it only targets at Chinese last name. But if you are really interested, you can search up a last name and look for it in the system.

Inside the temple


the origins of my last name
Inside the heritage centre
Learning their traditional Lifestyle


Little India

Inside the Little India area, you can see a lot of Indian citizens as well as tourists walking through the streets looking at fabrics, food and walking towards a temple. The temple has kept its unique India identity designs, you can see people sitting in the middle of the ground praying in the form of song and words. Walking around, you can smell the woody incense and the little Indian god designs at the top of the temple are fascinating art and definitely worth the trip. These little trip helps to identify and understand the Singaporean Indian culture.

Little India3

Little India2
Inside the temple
Little India4
Sweet Factory
Little India1
Inside the heritage centre


Kampong Glam

This is where I get allocated to for my group project, Kampong Glam is an area of Singaporean Malay citizens live and where most of the heritages are find (maybe). The heritage centre used to be a residence and they reused the place for exhibitions purposes. This allows people to walk through in a better setting and helps them to understand the histories better as they are right in the place. Walk to the right side of the heritage centre, you can see the Sultan Temple which tells you that the mix heritage of Malay, Lebanese, Turkish and Arab. The gentrification of the area can be seen easily in this area, as the development of Haji Lane which is more of a hipster lane with graffiti on the walls. This has indeed attracted a lot tourists but it also helped Kampong Glam to lose its Malay identity.

Kampong Glam1
Kampong Glam Heritage Centre
Sultan Temple
Kampong Glam3
Haji Lane


This adventure helped me to explore three important heritage places of Singapore and also allows me to analyse Kampong Glam as research for my group project. I am very thankful for being this part of the studio and would definitely encourage students to take Lab B.

Jing Yi Sun


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