Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI) Winter School 2017

In February I travelled to Innsbruck, a small mountain city located in the western part of Austria. While I was there, I participated in the winter school program organised by Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI). MCI is a relatively young university which focuses on practical learning with a modern approach. Over the course of three weeks I completed 3 different subjects, Business Ethics, Renewable Energy and Water Pollution Control.

RIver Inn, InnsbruckColourful houses of Innsbruck and the river Inn.

Although I only spent a short time at MCI, the amount of theoretical knowledge and practical skills I gained was phenomenal. As a part of Business Ethics, we learnt different ethical theories and how to deal with ethical dilemmas in the workplace, an essential skill for any professional. Through Water Pollution Control, we learnt about treatment methods of drinking and sewerage water, urban drainage design and membrane technology.

Furthermore, in Renewable Energy, we discussed methods of generating clean energy and developed renewable energy concept plans for different cities around the world. Laboratory classes and an excursion to the local water treatment plant allowed us to reinforce knowledge learnt in the classroom and experience it in real life applications.

Another exciting aspect of the winter school program was the opportunity to meet students from all over the world. There were students from countries including Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Austria. It was fun working on group projects with them and learning about their different cultures.

It was not all study and classes though, we still had the weekends off and one/two days off during the week. During my days off I explored Innsbruck with my new friends and went on many day trips. We visited Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Salzburg, the city in which Mozart was born, the lakeside village of Hallstatt and Mittenwald, a small picturesque town located on the border of Germany and Austria. Some pictures from these trips have been included below.

Rauschbrunnen - Alpine RestaurantSpent two hours hiking up the mountain to reach this alpine restaurant, only to find out it was closed.SalzburgA view of Salzburg’s old town from the Hohensalzburg FortressLake Lautersee, MittenwaldLake Lautersee in Mittenwald GermanyHallstatt VillageHallstatt Village. Had to catch four different trains and a ferry, a total of 5 hours traveling, to reach this small lakeside village. It was worth every minute!Nordkette Mountain PeakView from the peak of the Nordkette Mountain in Innsbruck.

Orientation Group PhotoGroup photo after orientation on the first day.

Being able to experience Austrian food and culture was also a big highlight of my trip. Simple foods such as bread were so much better, with many different varieties available at the local bakery. Desserts were also amazing, especially the traditional sacher cake and apple strudel. Main dishes were hearty and filling, with one of my favourites being Käsespätzle, a dish consisting of home-made egg noodles with melted cheese and caramelised onions.

Overall, the winter school program was one of the best experiences of my life. I made countless new friends, learnt so many interesting concepts, experienced Austrian culture and explored numerous cities, towns and villages. I would also like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the UTS BUiLD team and MCI International Office for providing me the opportunity to participate in this program and all the hard work and effort they put in to ensure the program ran smoothly.

Muhammad Ayub

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Construction)

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