It was a challenging decision to join the program, wasn’t sure how it will turn out. There were so many questions in my head, I was worried till the moment I have arrived to the airport.










For the first day, we went to explore the night markets around the KMUTT. I loved the fruit, freshly served and affordable. The food was great too, but I preferred the fruit and ice Thai milk Tea, most of us would drink two or three cups a day.

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We learned about Nano technology, which was very interesting topic as it can be used in different fields of science even in food science. Khao Mak is a Thai dessert that uses fermentation process, and we had so much fun making it.


The grand palace was huge and beautiful, the building’s architectural design was linking the past to the present it was fascinating, even the smallest details was beautifully designed. The whole place was surrounded with walls full of paintings, these paintings was a story consisting of 300 episodes, a tale of war and love, a tale of good and bad, these tales are taught in the schools. The museum was great too, containing all these beautiful statuses of Buddha and the history of the royal family, most of the royal family belongings were made of pure gold.

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We also visited the ‘All Green learning Center’ (AGLC), which was one of the most interesting places I visited. The place was built from natural and organic ingredients, some form the local practice and some using science, it’s a beautiful creation from Science and nature, the place has its own harmony, peacefulness and relaxing vibe. The founder is an Engineer, who put so much effort and done so much research to make this center, he showed us the harmony that a human can live with nature. He made what is thought as difficult, possible, using his research and understanding of nature and science.

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During this trip I had the chance to meet an elephant for the first time and the experience  was amazing, to be so close and be able to feed and touch him was wonderful. The elephants we saw were part of an organisation, the founder of the organisation was explaining how the people use to live with elephants and what it meant to Thai people in the past and how now some have become so greedy to end the life of an animal only for its Ivory, which creates a big threat and risk for the future of the elephants.

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This short trip was so wonderful for me, it allowed me to meet new people and make new friends, to discover new things, understand my surroundings and people better, experience a different culture, be close to nature and to be able to appreciate it. Be around animals such as elephants, kind hearted and lovable creatures.

This trip gave me some of the best experiences and memories, that I will cherish forever and remember it was a journey of a life time.

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Mariam Behsoodi.

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