Thailand is home

From the moment that I stepped out of Suvarnabhumi Airport and the wave of humidity hit me,  I knew I was home. I haven’t been to Thailand in at least 5 years and when the email came through to study abroad for two weeks with BUILD, I jumped on the opportunity!

The entire experience was incredibly different from every other time I had been to Thailand because I relied on my relatives to translate for me, however, this time others were relying on me. My knowledge of the Thai language was definitely tested on a daily basis. On the first night a group of us went out for dinner and when it came to ordering that’s when I realised I didn’t actually know the word for vegetarian, so I just resorted to saying no beef, chicken, pork, fish and prawns, but yes to salad. I managed to get the message through, but it was a struggle to say the least!

Personally I felt like classes on nano materials weren’t very relevant to me and would’ve been more beneficial to the engineering students, however, it was interesting to learn something new. These classes started early in the morning, but that didn’t stop us from exploring the wonders of Bangkok.

Over the two weeks I’m pretty sure I went shopping 12 out of the 14 days; the only 2 days I didn’t go shopping were because we went on a field trip. Luckily after all that shopping I just managed to stay under my 30kg baggage limit on the way back to Sydney!

Attending a Thai cooking class with 9 other UTS students was honestly one of the highlights of my trip. The chef was so engaging that we were just hanging off her every word as she explained the different ingredients and methods involved in Thai cuisine. A few of us may have misjudged our spice tolerance, or lack of really.

One of my favourite activities organised for us was the Muay Thai class, I mean it’s very therapeutic to punch and kick until you’re completely exhausted. Also I truly believe that elephants are my spirit animal and being able to interact with them at Khao Yai National Park was truly amazing.

I was lucky to make some amazing friends on this trip and because of all of our adventures together, I will cherish the memories made in Thailand forever.

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