The KMUTT Experience – A Thai Wonderland

There are very few words that could sum up the amazing experience gained on this trip. KMUTT itself was an amazing education hub and was quite the cultural experience in comparison to UTS. The location itself was out of the way of the city and I felt that added to the experience of it, travelling too and from one site to the next, led to new eye opening experiences that have left me with memories I will never forget. Of course going from a balmy 10 degrees to 30 odd with 100% humidity each day was a struggle but by the end of it I felt like I could take on the sun. I don’t think I could say anything negative about the country at all, it was fantastic in every way, I just loved the immersion of walking around in side streets and buying from side vendors for each meal.

The course we were on, Modern Science provided essentially revision of science subjects previously completed, but went about it in different ways and focused on new areas. The classes were very practical which was very enjoyable and probably helped cement knowledge by putting a processes with the information taught in the lectures . The knowledge gained helped interact with the Thai buddies in a new level technically as device and a process can cross language barriers.


I think we all picked up the important parts of the Thai language and put them into practice as often as possible. I think the favourite one across the group was probably “Hong Nam” (phonetically) which is essential to whenever or wherever you need to go. Another one which I and a lot of the guys found key for use at lunch or dinner,  was “Chang”. We also learnt numbers and how to haggle over items in Thai which I found personally very enjoyable, however, I don’t think there wasn’t an experience that was negative anyway.


I think that is one of the best learning experiences I’ve had during my time at University with just an overall great learning adventure with a Thai influence running through it. From this sole experience I have no hesitation in recommending it. The students that came and the students we met there were amazing and I won’t be forgetting any of them anytime soon because they are the people who made the trip what it was.

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