BUILD UTS Thailand 2016!

As I exited the plane about 4 weeks ago and the humid heat pushed me aback, I had a feeling an experience of a lifetime was about to take place. As a child I had travelled quite frequently around the world, but Thailand is a place which has honestly blown me away, and in that way now holds a special place in my heart. I had heard things about the country from a few Thai friends here in Australia in the weeks preceding to the trip, but nothing can compare to my first feelings of actually being there.The university we were based at served as the perfect platform for a look at what Thailand had to offer. Being based not too far outside the bustling inner city, it allowed for a genuine experience of the day to day life of the Thai people, while also keeping us within a reasonable distance of the big attractions. It was always a new experience heading out every morning wondering what concoction of street food I would be having for breakfast. From fresh fruits to fried bread dough, to sticky rices and Mussaman curries, my palate has definitely been skewed towards the wonders of Thai cuisine.

The program itself was quite insightful, opening us up to new concepts, based particularly in the realm of nanotechnologies and thermoelectrics. We were also privileged to experience the ingenuity of the AGLC Learning Centre, whose goal is to find the most optimal methods of modern living while also putting as little strain on the surrounding environment as possible. We also got to visit two factories, one dealing with the production of wine, and the other dealing in the production of seafood and pet food. All these experiences were gifted to us by this program and allowed for a varying view on aspects of life and industry in Thailand.

In between all these experiences were the amazing individuals I’ve grown to know, and I’m sure to call lifelong friends. From the Thai buddies we were paired up with, to my peers from UTS, they are the ones who made this experience all the more special. From the endless jokes and helping me with my poor Thai, the Thai buddies were extremely accommodating and I look forward to meeting them all again. And to our little UTS family, Khap khun kaap! You all made this a very special and rewarding experience and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! See you guys around!

Abdul Rahman Omotoso 11981786

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