Journey into Hanoi.

“Cảm ơn”

This became my favourite saying traveling around Hanoi. It is the Vietnamese word for Thank you. Traveling with 12 other UTS students around Hanoi with Bloom Microventures was an adventure I’ll never forget. Learning about the use of microcredit loans and exploring around both urban and rural areas around Vietnam was an equally interesting and unforgettable learning experience.

Bloom Microventures is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting farmers through microcredit loans in rural Vietnamese areas. On our journey we got to see the direct impact the loans made for the farmers. We spent two three day journeys in Hoa Binh staying in their local farm stay and was very welcomed with the farmers kind generosity. These loans allowed provided by Bloom to these farmers allowed them to purchase new livestock and equipment in which they used to improve their everyday life.

In addition to spending time learning about the microcredit loans we also had many fieldtrips and adventures organised for us. These adventures allowed me to see the beauty of Vietnam. Cycling through the fields of Hoa Binh, paddling in a kayak through Ha Long Bay, riding in a boat through a cave in Ninh Binh and exploring the markets that Hanoi always allowed me to experience something new.

Reflecting on the positive memories that I had during my time with Bloom, I can safely say the experience was both enlightening and humbling to see both the beauty that Vietnam offers and to see the farmer’s lives positively impacted through the loans they borrowed. I had such a great time and would thoroughly recommend that they consider this trip when applying for BUiLD Programs in the future.

Nathan Ma (11394424)

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