Broadening my Chinese Horizons

Having the experience to participate in the Sun Yat Sen University summer program has opened my horizons to potentially doing business overseas or taking up a graduate role in a different country. Having not been outside Australia in almost 8 years, it was a brilliant cross-cultural experience to be able to reflect on the differences between China and Australia.

Also, coming from a Chinese background knowing a little amount of Chinese was a challenging experience to be able to communicate with the locals and find a deep appreciation for the language. Since I’ve been back, I’ve been learning a few words a day to maintain and enhance what I’ve learnt overseas.

The business lectures presented to us by the university gave students a strong understanding of the cultural variations between the way that Australians and Chinese would do business and also the ability to understand foreign concepts that are not present in Australia.

During the program we were also taken on a one day trip around China and a two day trip to foshan. Not only did this program teach us the language and business but we were able to take a break from learning and do some sight-seeing and to places that may not come to mind when travelling by yourself.

Overall, It was a beautiful and rewarding experience that BUILD has provided me and I would like to thank them for the wonderful opportunity they have presented me.

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