Maldiving into Paradise

UTS BUiLD program Winter Abroad Program | June 5th- July 1st 2014

By Jenna-Lyn Diono

A snippet of my journey into the Maldives, learning about their culture, teaching kids in the Remote Education System in Maroshi, and relaxing with the beach as my backyard for a whole month.”

Day 4

10TH June

Standard wake up, we had breakfast (Fish curry once again) and we went to go and seek ice-cream. Apparently the boat on the harbor sold ice-cream, and we found out they did! So we bought a 6L bucket of ice cream haha. It started pouring rain, so we headed for some shelter before it died down. That’s the thing about the wet season here in the Maldives- It rains for about 10-15 minutes and then it stops, and it gets windy and cloudy. Better than being in Sydney I guess with the <20 degree weather…

We had debate again, and my fourth speaker showed up. His name is Mahil and he is just too cute. Cheeky little fella he is, with his long curled eyelashes. Whenever he said something wrong, he would bump his head with his hands or cover his mouth- it was just too cute.



My third speaker- Ulaa is just a cutey also. When I was writing their speeches, they were cheekily playing hangman. I was surprised at how smart they were, but I laughed when they didn’t know how to pronounce some words. That was Mahil’s homework- to learn how to say these specific words. But considering the fact that they’re 10-11 years old and learning these ‘hard words’, when they speak another language was pretty good on their behalf.

When the senior boys arrived, my little girls in my debate team started squealing and being a fan girl. It was so funny watching them swoon over the one guy- who apparently is the joker. He’s one of the bigger guys in the school, who’s always at athletics practice. So I guess he’s super sporty, and apparently really funny.


Athletics practice was cancelled because of the windy weather so the girls who showed up walked us to the beach. We went to the west side of the island, talking to the year 10 girls. One of the girls lived where we had every meal with everyday, which was surprising because we had never seen her around. I got to ride a motorbike today, which was pretty standard, but it was heaps funny when one of the girls put her arms around the guy and all the island girls started laughing. Apparently he’s a shy fella, and it was inappropriate.

We bonded with the girls, got taught some new words-

  • Shakriya = Thank you,
  • Ta ta = Goodbye,
  • Rangaloo = I’m good

It got to the point where I asked them where they lived and if we could go inside their homes (weird, but whatever). We ended up inside, where we watched some more Indian drama and got given snacks. One was some breadfruit, and curry roshi that was deep-fried.

We ended our night by eating dinner, and walking home.

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