School of the Built Environment in Cambodia July 2015

The School of the Built Environment offers students numerous opportunities to travel overseas to learn about construction in other countries and to get their hands dirty!  This July the school is engaged in two projects, led my lecturer Michael Er.  From 5-11 July a group of 31 students worked with two local NGO’s to learn about the construction of local houses and then learn the skills themselves enabling them to assist in the construction of the homes.  Below you can see the type of houses the students were building and the work they did on constructing the floor made from bamboo strips.

Flooring group hammer IMG_6944

From 17-26 July, a group of 17 students will complete a project in the Maldives.  This is the first time the School of the Built Environment has run a project here.  The students arrived on Saturday and are so far enjoying their time.  Its hard work in the heat but they are working hard as a team and getting the work done alongside the local community who are very excited and grateful for the teams presence.

The three projects the students are working on, mentioned in a previous post, have been financed by UTS BUiLD and we are thrilled to be able to support the work of these local NGO’s and communities, and have UTS students assist in the project completion.  Below are some photos from the project so far;

beginning of paving project early stages of pre school stage  Welcome to UTSwelcome break

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