Construction in the Maldives July 2015

Today 17 UTS Construction Management students are arriving in the Maldives to spend a week supporting a number of NGO’s on the island of Komandoo organised by Volunteer Maldives. The students will be working on three construction projects supported by UTS;

  1. QUAY SHELTER – In this challenging environment of 99% sea and intensive heat where the most common mode of transport is by boat… the quay shelter is akin to the humble Bus Stop of other nations!  Komandoo is quite a busy hub of people coming and going, and the boats.. a mixture of regular (twice weekly) overnight slow ferries, private speedboats, as well as commercial fishing vessels are all plying the ocean waves picking up and dropping off passengers. People will also come from nearby islands to pick up a boat stopping in Komandoo.  With the incredibly laid back attitude in the Maldives, and somewhat unpredictable weather conditions, waiting for a boat can sometimes take a while!  The Quay shelter will therefore be a cooling respite from the intense sun and heat. On the quayside of Komandoo the only other shelter is by small trees. which are very lovely but people can’t wait in comfort.
  2. PRE-SCHOOL STAGE – The Maldives is very big on presentations and prize giving and the youngsters in pre-school take part just as much as the older kids and there are a lot of traditions involved with all parents and teachers fully participating in all school events.  The schools are the main hub of all island life- its the main focus that brings the whole community together.
  3. READING PARK WALKWAY PLAN – This is an initiative the school and community have wanted to implement for a while. This project is for the Shaviyani Atoll Education Centre which goes up to A Level education. As the Centre is for the whole Atoll, there are students who come to study and board on Komandoo and go to their home islands at weekends or during holidays. Its a very lively center with some talented kids!  In the centre of the school is a grassed area where the community want to make some thatched shelters for reading and quiet study areas but what is required first is paving around the perimeter of the grassed area. At present, when it rains, it all gets very flooded and during Monsoon time’s its impossible to walk from one side of the compound to the other so its very tricky for the kids to get to class.  The walkway will consist of laying 1x1ft paving slabs…total being 3655!

The locals have been preparing for the students arrival for some time and are so excited to meet them all and welcome them to the Maldives! Below are some photos showing the preparation of the slabs that will be used for constructing the much needed walkway at the Shaviyani Atoll Education Centre.

We cant wait to hear about the progress and will post some before and after shots after the week is completed.

Project Preparation 3 Project Preparation 2 Project Preparation 1



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