Hello from Cambodia! (June 2015)

On 28th June a group of 8 UTS students arrived in Cambodia where they will spend the next four weeks working closely with local NGO Anjali who support disadvantaged and orphaned children.  The team will be helping to develop a social enterprise to help generate a sustainable source of revenue. Their goal is to help the organisation identify how it can use its collection of local photos and art to develop an international art leasing business with major hotels that can develop into a scalable business with positive local community impact.

Below is the first update from team member Alicia Crowhurst;

“Project Everest’s Arts for Change program is going great. Week 1 is down and we’ve already made impressive progress and are learning so much thanks to our wonderful team leader, Zoe, who was very welcoming.

This week has mainly been visiting Anjali house, the NGO we are working with and interviewing the staff, volunteers and board to start off our research and business plans. Yesterday (Sat) we visited Angkor Wat, which was incredible. ”

black and white Kids at Anjali NGO Team at work

Temple at Angkor Wat DCIM100GOPROG0050235.



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