Kenya Believe It?

9th jan day 1: after around 30hrs of travel we have finally arrived. So worth the trip, our villas are amazing and right near the beach. Spent the remainder of the day relaxing and took a walk down to forty thieves beach bar for a snack and a stroll on diani beach which is absolutely beautiful! The water is so warm and blue and the sand is so white and goes on forever! Went for dinner at the bar up the road as our cook Mary wasn’t back in time with dinner.  Breakkie is at 8am tomorrow followed by a mini orientation meeting with kat! Also I think we’re planning to visit the elephant sanctuary on Saturday which will be incredible!

10th jan day 2: had our first breakkie cooked by our lovely Cook Mary who made huge fruit salads and some toast and eggs. Afterwards we did an orientation in the morning with Kat who went over house rules and did a run down of what to expect over the coming weeks.  We then walked down to diani main town and caught a matatu (mini bus) half the way. We got some Kenyan shillings out of the ATM and got some snacks from the supermarket while having a look around. We then came back and went to the beach for a swim and had a chat with some massai men wandering along the beach.

11th jan day 3: went for a work out with Jo early this morning and almost died in the heat. Elephant sanctuary was interesting, was an hour drive to the shimba hills reserve where we saw how they make paper from elephant dung. Then picked up two armed guards to accompany us around the sanctuary. We stopped suddenly and the guide took us on a “300m walk” to a cave… This took the best part of an hour in about 40 degree heat in the middle of the desert and up quite a steady incline with thongs on (we were not told about this walk before hand but hakuna matata haha). Anyway luckily we saw elephants on the way back to the entrance, very far away but apparently it’s quite rare to actually see them.

12th day 4: today went to a church service with our LSO guide maggie which was very interesting. Was called the ‘miracle healing center’ and they spent some of the sermon ridding the devil from a lady who couldn’t walk. After this long service we went to grab lunch at a cafe. We are now hanging around the pool and getting our hair braided from nelly. Then heading to 40 theives for drinks  and dinner. Tomorrow is the first day of school so very excited and looking forward to meeting the kids and the LSO staff.

22nd day 15:  haven’t written an update in ages because we’ve been so busy! Also long days at school mean we’re all pretty buggered when we get home.  School has been pretty great so far. The kids are all really beautiful and friendly, some schools are more confident than others as the English is slightly better but overall they are very welcoming. Week 1 was a bit harder as there is a bit of a learning curve in terms of getting the LSO coaches to use us properly and also to get through the language barrier but every day gets better and better as we both become accustom to working with each other.  We have been mostly teaching Australian games to the coaches and teachers which has been great. (Bull rush, flags, octopus, gingerbread).  I have learnt so much just from week one in terms of learning how to communicate effectively and how to best engage young children and motivate them to participate.  We have already begun brainstorming ideas among the group about how to possibly improve the sessions by making them more time efficient and possibly even more exciting for the children and coaches.

Today we have puma school which is my favourite as it’s a much shorter day, with all the lessons taking place one after the other in the morning rather than having a long break in the middle of the day.  Therefore we’ll have the arvo to cool off at the beach or whatever.  Last weekend we went on a day  trip to Mombasa and saw fort Jesus, the woodwork workshop and the slave trade markets. This was a great day and very interesting. On sat night most of us went out for drinks at forty thieves then on to shakattack with some of Karens (the manager of our accommodation) cousins and friends. It was sooooo much fun and such a weird mix of people all together. This weekend we’re going on SAFARI to tsavo east which I’m SO EXCITED about!

– Emma, Volunteer Kenya: Sport for Better Futures in Kenya 2014

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